Tom Hanks in outer space again: Robert Zemeckis is set to direct him in 3D sci-fi "Major Matt Mason"
Tom Hanks as astronaut

Major Matt Mason is likely to be the second return to live-action filmmaking for Robert Zemeckis, who's currently working on the hero pilot drama Flight. The new sci-fi movie will be also a comeback to space theme for Tom Hanks since his starring in Apollo 13.

The new project will be “a live-action family film about space adventure”, co-written by Tom Hanks and Graham Yost. It is based on an adaptation of Mattel action figure – an astronaut Major Matt Mason, which was a popular toy in 1960s and today is considered to be a collectors' item. Tom Hanks' interest in this movie is extended, because it is known that Major Matt Mason was one of his favorite toys as a kid.

The budget of “Major Matt Mason” is said to be over $100 million. However, the start of production hasn't been set yet.

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