High in the sky: Glasses-free 3D in-flight entertainment

The 3D technology company MasterImage is in talks with airlines and auto makers to put glasses-free 3D screens in aircrafts and cars.

According to 3D Focus MasterImage's VP of Marketing Matt Liszt thinks that as Hollywood puts more effort into 3D films “they are going to distribute those to more channels”. Mr. Liszt suggests that airlines and auto makers will want to provide a premium experience for their consumers while the studios will want to be sure to have distribution channels for their 3D films. However, the company official says that it would take about 3 years before passengers will be watching 3D movies high in the sky or in autos.

So what MasterImage's offer is about? It is about unique parallax barrier technology. Is this technology different from the parallax barrier used in the Nintendo 3DS? Exactly. 3DS technology uses a series of barriers called stripes, one of them acting as a barrier for the left eye and other for the right. MasterImage created “cell-matrix” parallax technology that lies in little microscopic cells aligned both horizontally and vertically. This allows for more light to be able to transmit through, sharper picture and a wider viewing angle.

The company already offers smartphones and tablets equipped with its 3D display technology.

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