Active and passive 3D glasses have been merged into ActivEyes by Volfoni
ActivEyes 3D glasses

World's First Hybrid Active/Passive 3D Glasses was introduced by Volfoni at Dimension 3, an international S-3D & new images forum. The product will be released at the end of this month.

French company Volfoni has showcased the prototype of its unique blend of active and passive 3D glasses at Dimension 3 called ActivEyes 3D glasses. The glasses are, by default, passive. The 3D works just as well as most other passive 3D glasses. But what makes ActivEyes 3D glasses special is an infra-red receiver that enables you to switch the glasses to active mode. You just need to plug it in. There's also a USB port included in the infra-red receiver, which can be used to accept future software updates. This will make the glasses compatible for future active 3D TVs and PC monitors.

Volfoni ActivEyes 3D glasses photo

ActivEyes 3D glasses are currently in production in a limited number for an expected release at the end of June. The first batch of 5000 glasses will be aimed at production studios.

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